We’ve all posted a tweet with a typo in it, posted a Facebook post with a broken link or posted an Instagram at the wrong time and ruined our grid design. These are minor mistakes on social media that may annoy you but will probably go unnoticed by your followers.

But, there are some things you can do on social media that will hurt your businesses reputation, make you lose followers and undermine your work. In this blog post we’ll show you the 10 social mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1. Only Posting Content About Your Business

Although social media is a great advertising tool, think about how many adverts already clutter your social media feeds. Instead of focusing on how you can promote your products and services to your audience, think about how you can engage with them and start a conversation. Follow the current trends on social media, find out what people are talking about and share content that people want to like and share.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a few promotional posts talking about the great work you do, but you should make these posts very limited and surrounded by other engaging content.

2. Ignoring Your Audience

Social media should be a two way conversation between your business and your audience. Through your social posts you can express your brand’s personality to your customers and potential customers.

If a customers asks a question about your brands products and services on social media, ignoring them is as bad as ignoring a phone call. Show you care by putting your audience’s needs and expectations first and going above and beyond on social media to fulfill them.

3. Only Posting One Type Of Content

The content you post is your businesses chance to show off your creative side! Don’t limit yourself by only posting one type on content, especially if this is very heavily text based. Experiment with photography, video, podcasts and blog posts and see what engages best with your audience. Post a mixture of promotional corporate content, educational content and entertaining content to maintain reader interest. If you are constantly posting the same things, your audience will most probably get bored. You should focus on making sure that doesn’t happen!

4. Having No Personality

As with any other marketing strategy, your social media strategy should be created with your audience’s demographic in mind. Look through your social pages and think “If i was a customer, would I enjoy this?” If the answer is no, you’re doing it wrong.

Your social media posts are your chance to engage with your audience by expressing your brands personality. If you are young and fun brand, your content should express this! Don’t narrow your reach by only posting boring, sales focused content.

5. Deleting Or Ignoring Negative Comments

If someone is being a ‘Hater’ posting negative things about your brand on social media, the worst thing you can do is delete or ignore it. Instead you should thank them for their feedback, letting them know that you are always looking for ways to improve your business. Here are some great examples of brands responding to negative comments on social media:

Instead of directly defending themselves, here British Airways and Topshop have taken their customers feedback into consideration and offered advice on what they should do next. You should remember that your customers are the most important part of your business and therefore go out of your way to fulfill their expectations of you.

6. Making Spelling Or Grammar Mistakes

You may think that simple spelling or grammar mistakes on your social posts will go unnoticed, but you’ll be surprised how many people on social media are part of the ‘Grammar Police.’ They are quick to comment on your posts typos rather than the actual content of the post, this can be very embarrassing and can harm the reputation of your brand.

Therefore you should plan your social media content in advance, double checking your spelling and grammar before posting it out to the world!

7. Too Many Hashtags

You don’t want to come across like you are desperate for engagement on social media, using too many hashtags and handles on your tweets does exactly this. Filling out your content with lots of hashtags may also annoy your audience and it will take up much more of their screen.

Do you enjoy Instagram posts filled with hashtags? We certainly don’t. To find out the perfect way to use hashtags on Instagram check out this blog post.

Additionally, by focusing too heavily on hashtags and handles you can tag on your social media posts you may forget the personality you want to express. You should always focus on the tone and voice of your company that you want your audience to know.

8. Posting Insensitive Content

We all saw what happened to Logan Paul that the start of the year, he ruined his career simply by posting something so insensitive to his audience. Social media should reflect your brands image and culture, so this means that your ethical standards must be adhered to.

Be sensitive to what your audience will be offended by and avoid posting these things. Don’t ruin your businesses corporate image by posting something you really shouldn’t have. Careful planning and scheduling of your content can help you to combat this. To find out a free and easy way to schedule your Facebook posts, check out this blog post.

9. Not Engaging With Your Audience

Many businesses do not realise that social marketing requires a much different approach than advertising. The only way to create a successful social media page is to actively engage with your audience. Answer their questions, ask them questions, encourage them to send you pictures of your products in use and generally just show them that you care.

Show your audience that you are offering a unique value that they can’t get anywhere else. You can do this by including promotions and discounts that they can only get by following your social media accounts for example.

10. Sending Too Many Posts Without Images

Research shows that social media posts with images receive 75% more engagement than those that don’t. Don’t miss out on the engagement you deserve by not including an image on your posts. Your social media should be a visual representation of your business, being too text heavy will bore your audience and fail to capture their attention.

If you think this is all too much to handle, you can always get a fantastic social media agency like us to help out. After all, we are one of DesignRush's top 25 social media agencies.

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