We’ve heard a lot of people say that becoming successful on YouTube is now a lot more difficult than it used to be. They are not wrong, becoming a YouTuber has now become a career goal for many people meaning that the platform is a lot more crowded than it used to be. But this shouldn’t mean that you simply just not bother making YouTube videos. YouTube videos can be a great way to interact with your audience in a personal way. Here our top 10 tips for YouTube success to help you create the best content possible!

Know What You Want To Achieve

What are you trying to achieve for your brand using YouTube?

Conversions: Do you want people to click through to your website and find out more about your brand?

Views: Do you want to increase your brand awareness by getting as many video views as possible?

Engagement: Do you want to build a relationship with your potential customers and encourage them to interact with your brand.

Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to decide what type of content you want and need to make in order to communicate your brand effectively. Give yourself a target and work towards it to make sure you stay on track!

Know What Is Popular

There is only one way to find out what people are watching and enjoying on youtube… watch videos! Do a little bit of background research and find out what kind of videos are popular in your brands niche. It may be vlogs, music videos, adverts, documentaries or cinematic videos. Knowing this will help you create the best content!


Another way to find out what is popular on YouTube is to use keywords. You can do this by using our favourite chrome extension Tube buddy. Using this tool you can see what tags have been used on a popular YouTube video and where the video has been shared. You can also see how where the tags used have been ranked on YouTube’s search results to find out how effective the tags are at pushing you up that search page! If you are making a similar video you can use these tags as inspiration or simple copy and paste them in the hopes of capturing the attention of a similar audience.

Make A Great Video

You can’t plan to make a viral video. Your video must be entertaining and gripping, you should want to make your viewers watch the whole thing! Any video can go viral and this could be totally unexpected. Therefore, you should make sure your content is a representation of your brand identity. You don’t want the only video to go viral to be the one that doesn’t show the viewers exactly what your brand is and how it can improve their life!

Make sure your video is well lit, well edited and looks attractive. You do not need to spend thousands to create a great video, if you know how to tell a story, you can easily create a  great video using your phone!

Don’t Forget The Little Details!

You may have a fantastic video, but without adding lots of extra video details it may not reach the audience you want it to! Make sure you include some keywords in your video title and description, not only the tags. This will also increase your videos ranking on the search results page. Always keep your SEO practices in mind!

In addition you should make sure your video has a high resolution thumbnail that gives an insight into what your video is about and make people want to click on it! Many YouTuber’s choose to use thumbnails that captures their audience's curiosity by shocking them. This is also known as clickbait.

But to summarise, clickbait is exaggerating the content of your video and adding a video title and thumbnail that makes people want to click… Even if it isn’t exactly true. For example, you may have a video called “CRAZY TRAVEL ADVENTURE” where all you do is get a plane to France but your audience does not know this, they will want to click on the video to find out what will happen in the video. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover… We don’t think this is true for YouTube videos.

This is a bit of an extreme example, but you get what we mean.

Make Your Channel Attractive

You should ensure that your YouTube Channel page is welcoming and expresses your brand identity. Presentation is key, make sure your profile picture and channel banner are high quality and include your brand logo. You should also organise your videos into playlists that your audience may be interested in. For example if you are a travel brand you may organize your videos into playlists of different destinations.

Include a bio that tells your audience what your brand is, what your videos are about and why they should subscribe. Don’t forget to include links! To your website and other social platforms to ensure conversions. Finally you can create a welcome video which automatically plays on your channel when a new visitor arrives, this should be short and snappy telling the viewer what your brand is and what kind of content you will be posting on the channel, express your brand identity to your viewers and encourage them to interact with you.

Call To Action

Your video may have a lot of views but if you don’t tell your audience to interact with you… well they probably won’t. Build lasting relationships with your audience by providing a call to action! This could be a link or annotation within the video to your website or specific product you are selling, encouraging your audience to purchase.

It could also be you directly speaking to your audience within your video. You may ask your audience to subscribe for more videos, sign up to your website or check out your new products. Many YouTubers choose to add a call to action right at the start of their video, in order to catch viewers that may not watch the whole video! You should also use end cards on every video. These are annotations that pop up at the end of the video, that show viewers your website, your channel and your other videos they should watch if they enjoyed that one.


Many successful YouTubers have increased their viewership by collaborating with other popular YouTubers. To be successful on YouTube you must participate in the community, if you like another channels videos, you should show them! If you comment and like their videos you increase your chances of being noticed by them or their audience.

You should also worship your subscribers, simply to make them stick around! If someone comments on your video you should reply to them, build a relationship and show how much you appreciate them.

Finally you can work with influencers. An influencer works as a brand ambassador for you on social media. Apart from showcasing your brand and its products to their loyal audience, they can also create high quality for your YouTube channel. User generated content is a great way to show how your brand is improving your audiences life and also builds the community that you want.


Get your video seen by more people by sharing, sharing and then sharing it again! Every social platform that you post your video on is another chance to capture the attention of your target audience.

Keep Posting!

As with any social media platform consistency is key. You should have a schedule for your videos to encourage your audience to come back, and give them something to look forward to. This could be every week, every day or every Tuesday and Thursday. Keep making great content, every new video is another chance to go viral.

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