To be at the top of Google. It’s the one thing most websites strive for, but very little get to experience. So how can you give your website the best possible chance of getting to the lofty heights of first page, and without breaking the bank?

In this blog we will go through our top tips and tricks to help you give your website the best opportunity to get onto that first page and to start getting more customers in the process.

It all comes down to content

If you’re serious about marketing your business, I’m sure you have already been told to create content already. At TwoGuys when we develop a website we always include a blog page as standard now because of this requirement to create amazing content, and if you’re not creating content you ARE going to lose out.

Content, however, does take a lot of time to create, so we are going to look heavily into optimising and getting the most out of the content you are creating, which brings us onto our first point:

1. Use a headline analyser

There are many out there, some more complex than others, but our goto choice is CoSchedule’s headline analyser. It gives you some really great detail and advice into how to improve your headline based on previous ones that have worked.

Using this tool is going to really give you that edge over your competition by helping you create headlines that attract more engagement. What we love about this tool is the ease of use as well, just pop your headline in, fill in some details, prepare to get spammed with emails and then you get your analysis.

2. Optimise your writing style

So now you have this kick-ass headline that’s going to get your millions of clicks, you need to have the content to back it up, and ultimately, this is the MOST IMPORTANT part to focus on. So focus hard!

There is a certain writing framework that has proven to be the most successful writing style for content, whether that be on your website or in a blog. That framework is PAS.

PAS stands for: Problem, Agitation and Solution.

Problem, agitate, solution

So you start your content with the problem for your user, what is it that really grinds their gears? What keeps them up at night? What is making their therapist a busy person? You need to address these problems at the start, remind them that these problems are real but they are not alone.

You then need to explain to them what they stand to lose if they don’t act upon this problem. Make it compelling and really make them realise what this particular problem could cost them now or in the future.

Once that is done, you swoop in with the best solution they have ever heard. They buy. Everyone profits.

The reason this framework works is because you have setup the importance and context of the solution you are offering to them. If you can write your copy in this way you will be selling out like the latest Taylor Swift concert.

3. Repurpose, Repost, Redo

Now you have this amazing piece of content and your super excited to share it. And why not! But the problem is, content tends to have a relatively short shelf life, so we like to squeeze our content for everything it’s worth.

Squeeze your content

Blogging is quite a high maintenance strategy with you needing to blog at least 5 to 10 times a month to see any real results. Unfortunately, there is no way around making that much content, but don’t fear, with our three R’s strategy you can turn one piece into a hundred… well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea.


Let’s talk about repurposing first, as this is the main thing you are going to be doing to hit that blog post target every month.

Let’s say you’ve sat down and spent a good few hours writing an amazing, detailed blog post that hits the recommended 2000 words count. But instead of just uploading that to your website, and then moving onto the next piece; you take that blog and turn it into different forms and formats to elongate it’s life.

So let’s look at what we could turn that detailed post into:

YouTube video
Add this into your content strategy to develop additional reach as well as extra SEO benefit.

Try looking at Slideshare, it integrates directly into LinkedIn as well for added reach.

Multiple infographics
Why not take each point and stretch that into a quick and easy to read infographic.

Smaller posts
I know blog posts get the best traction from 2000 words and up, but having smaller blog posts dedicated to a single point from the original can also be beneficial for your audience and your website.

So now you have turned that one post into many, giving you a constant flow of posts without having to spend hours and hours coming up with new ideas and writing about them.


The shelf life of a tweet, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn post is relatively small, and with your audience logging on at different times of the day or different days entirely, reposting content isn’t as bad as it sounds.

The likelihood of your audience seeing every post you make is very slim, especially on Facebook. Facebook is increasingly moving towards a pay to play model for pages in particular, so reposting your blog multiple times will fill out your social calendar and help your post reach more people.


This is a mix of both repurposing and reposting. Say you wrote a blog post last year and at the time is was very up-to-date and had some great content in, but now some of it is old news but the bulk of the post is still really useful and relevant.

Well you just need to redo that post. Have a look at the posts content and decide what you can keep and what you can update, then give it a quick rewrite and there you have it. A whole new post!

A whole new post

You can then get this on your blog and start promoting an old post but with a slight different angle or slightly different information with very little work needed.

4. Use influencers to get more visits

In a nutshell, to get your website and content to have the best possible place on Google you need two things: high visits, longer staying time

So you need to get as many people coming to your site to read your blog or watch your video, whatever your piece of content is, and then you need them to stay and actually read that piece.

A great way to do this is to send a link to your post to the people you have mentioned in it. If you’ve done a good job on the content and the influencer gets round to reading it, they will hopefully share the piece, giving you a massive reach to an audience you wouldn’t get to normally. This tactic isn’t the most reliable but if you can get that extra reach it is well worth it.

Now you’re armed with all the tips and tricks to developing a website that will perform well in search rankings you can start taking your website to the next level and grow your business.

Let us know by using the messenger button what you’d like to know more about and we’ll write something specially for you!

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