When you are running your business, it is easy to put your social media on the back burner. It may not be a priority in your marketing mix, but it really should be. Social media allows a new way to interact and form relationships with your potential customers. So how can you bulk post your Facebook content without paying for a third party tool? We’ll show you how in three easy steps!


The first step to social media success is great content. So it’s time to get writing! Think about what you want to tell your audience, what you want to ask them and what you want them to interact with.

We suggest creating a spreadsheet which lists every day of the year and writing as many posts you would like for each day, you can create this spreadsheet for free using Google Drive. Label the first four columns of the spreadsheet: Month, Day, Content/Link and social copy. Content/Link is the image video or link you want to share on your Facebook post and social copy is the message (words) you are posting with this.

Don’t forget the hashtags! You should add hashtags that are relevant to your business and your post, this means if someone is searching for that hashtag they may come across your post and may be interested in your business. You can use Display Purposes to search for relevant and popular hashtags for your Facebook Posts.

Add Images and Video

Now you have written the messages you want to share on your Facebook Posts, you should create images and videos that bring these messages to life! These may be images you have taken yourself of your business or stock images you have found online and then edited to fit around your message. To find tools to make creating this content a whole lot easier check out our blog post of 10 free tools!

When you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed think about what makes you stop scrolling and read more. You should create videos and images that do just this! Make your followers curious to find out more about your business or encourage them to visit. Here is an example of an image we created for one of our Facebook Posts:


Now, go to your businesses Facebook page, click ‘Publishing Tools,’ then ‘Scheduled Posts’ and then ‘Create.’ From here all you have to do is copy and paste your social copy, upload your image, link or video and then schedule the post for whatever date and time you want!

We suggest thinking carefully about what time of the day you want to post your Facebook posts. If your customers are generally all at work all day then you might want to post in the evening in order to catch them whilst they are scrolling through Facebook. Alternatively you may be targeted teenagers during the summer holidays so you might find more engagement posting throughout the day. It’s all about finding out who your audience is, and when they are most active on Facebook!

We’d recommend doing this process once a week. This ensures that your content is relevant and up to date! You can also use this process with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram using the social media management tool ‘Hootsuite’ however you will have to purchase a subscription to be able to use the tool effectively. In addition there are plenty of social media management services offered by agencies that can totally take this process off your hands, meaning you have more time to focus on your work!

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