Facebook… Adwords… Both competitors in the never ending marketing game. They both have their individual strengths and weaknesses, and with most marketers pitting each against each other to see which brings them the best results, it’s hard to see how we could use them together.

Or is it?

We have been working with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords for a long time now, and have been making the same mistakes as everyone. Facebook vs. Adwords, but recently have come to realise, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have started using these two amazing platforms in unison to create our PPC superteam. Read on to see how we have been using these together!

1: Google AdWords for traffic, Facebook Ads for closing

Retargeting with ads, across any platform is incredibly powerful and if you aren’t already doing it, you’re going to want to start now.

If you are already doing it with one platform or the other that’s great, but there is more to it than just showing the same ads to people who have already visited to your website. This is where we get into the realms of cross-platform retargeting. It might sound complicated, but I assure you it is actually fairly simple, and with a little effort you can reap some great rewards.

Cross-platform retargeting means your ads are being targeted to people who have already got to your website through Google or Facebook, and there is a super clever way to do it.

Say you sell sofas and a potential customer has reached your website through your Google ad and had a look around your site but never converted. That could end up being a lost opportunity without retargeting, but what you can do with Facebook is target them with an ad specifically about the product they were looking at, prompting them back to your website to make a purchase.

This is surprisingly easy to do, providing you run unique landing pages and have Facebook Pixel installed on your website. All you need to do is to create a custom audience on Facebook to target those who didn’t convert. Simply go to the audience tab and create an audience that matches the landing page your Google Ad points to.

2: Brand searches with Facebook, Ads in Google

This flips the direction from the previous point as you are using Facebook to get people to start searching for your brand and then using Google to close the deal. Match this up with the retargeting from point 1 and you will have a never-ending loop of ad leads.

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that it can reach a large but targeted cold audience. And a fun thing about Facebook advertising is that a lot of the people who see your ad will actually revert to Google to search you out rather than clicking the ad itself. This is sometimes because they aren’t at the buy stage so need some more info, it might be because your ad wasn’t appealing but the brand was, but whatever the reason, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Wordstream found that advertising on Facebook led to a 34% increase in brand searches on Google.

This tactic is again very simple to implement. All you need to do is add your brand name as a keyword on your Google ads, so when they search it you will be at the top of the list. Then to add to the strength of your ads you need to match the messaging together, so when you appear in Google the ads will say the same thing, resulting in a more trustworthy ad.

3: Use Facebook Ads as keywords

This takes the brand name as a keyword strategy to a whole new level. Remember that extra 34% of people searching your brand on Google, the problem with that is that they might not be searching exactly for your brand.

They might be searching for the Facebook ad they saw!

A catchy Facebook Ad headline can be more catchy and relevant to a cold audience than a brand name, so could generate more searches. It might sound like a strange tactic, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. When scrolling through your feed and you see a post or advert that catches your eye but you aren’t sold on the proposition yet, you rarely look or remember the brand that ad was from - you are more likely to remember the ad copy or headline.

Ontraport Facebook Ad

This advert from Ontraport actually made people get onto Google and search for:

And many other search terms.

The title is very to the point and easy to remember and it tells you what it is, resulting in a lot of easy conversions when joined up with Google Adwords. All they have done with their Adwords strategy is to ‘answer’ the search terms that could be used from this ad, giving a joined up and reliable user experience to those looking for that ‘cool thing’ they saw on Facebook.

4: Target people who already engage with you

Facebook ads has a tool for this that is incredibly powerful, and if you aren’t using it already then you should look into it. This tool is the lookalike audience.

Whilst most use this to target an audience from an email list or from people who already engage with their Facebook page, and take their best customers or users to base it off; you can also set it to target people based on what they have been searching for.

The only issue with creating an audience based on your top customers is that you need a large amount of that high quality customer or user to base it off. Putting in 10 emails isn’t going to cut it with lookalike audiences. This is why you look into creating a lookalike from what people have been searching, if you are getting great traction from your adwords, you can translate that into a Facebook ads audience.


Moving from a versus approach to a joined up approach has really shown us the power of paid advertising and has improved our results all around. What you need to remember is that both platforms have their advantages, so join them up to get a one-up on your competitors.

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