The title makes it sound like clickbait right? But amazingly enough, it isn’t. I did double my Instagram following in 10 days with a few simple and easy to use strategies.

Now as I’m hoping you’re aware (@TwoGuysCreative), my Instagram following isn’t massive. In fact it currently stands at a mere 300 followers so no where near I want it to be, but using these strategies I can increase this following organically. And that’s what counts: a strong, organic following; don’t go buying followers because it will show on your posts when they don’t get any engagement.

Although I do have a small social media following these strategies can work for anyone, you just need to be realistic about the results you will get to the amount of time you will need to put in. I can say I doubled my followers because I did, but if you already have 3k+ followers you may only get another 100-150 new followers per week using this (or fewer even).

So how did I do it? Let’s run through it:


Before you start anything, you need to do a little setup in your Instagram feed and strategy:

Strategy - Hashtags

Before we even open Instagram, you need to create a list of hashtags that are relevant to you, your company and your audience. This needs to be at least 20 hashtags, but can be more. This time isn't going to waste either as this list should be relevant to every post you make on social media so you can always refer to this to make sure your posts are reaching the right people, you should also keep updating this list on a regular basis to make sure you are where your audience is.

Setting up your feed

Next you need to get your feed setup to give you the most productivity in our Instagram strategy.

Step 1 - Search for one of your listed hashtags (i.e. #business)
Step 2 - Click the big 'follow' button at the top underneath the hashtag.

Thanks to Instagrams latest feature you can now follow hashtags. This now makes any post under that hashtag appear on your feed - saving you a lot of time later.

Now do this for every other hashtag in your list and that is the setup complete - that's the quick part out the way.


Now we have our feed setup we need to start engaging with the community to boost our profiles visibility and performance.

Step 1 - Like and comment the top posts

There are two ways to do this:

Thorough way - You search for your chosen hashtag (i.e. #business) and on the top nine posts that come up, you give it a like and add a comment. The comment can be anything from 'great work', an emoji, or ideally something with more substance. This is your chance to engage with the community and show them that you care, it is NOT a time to sell your product. So if the post is asking a question, answer with your opinion, just engage with it.

Easy way - Just because it's easy doesn't mean it's not effective, I use this way of working now and it does well. What you need to do is regularly spend an hour a day (20-30 mins at a time) scrolling through your feed and liking and commenting on well performing posts. These should generally be the ones under your hashtags but don't just comment on those posts. This post example from Elon Musk is a prime choice to comment on:

As you can see it is 459K likes and a whole lot of comments. The could help you get some extra exposure if people see that you are engaging with posts like this. A post like this is also a great chance to add something to the conversation, don't just put a thumbs up, write a message that means something, but still keep it short and punchy.

And that's it. Now you just need to commit an hour a day to this and your following will grow substantially in a short time. I have seen both follows and likes increase on my Instagram from using this. It's about engaging with your community and reaching people where they are, don't expect them to come to you, go out and talk to them, engage with their posts and you never know what opportunities could arise from it.

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