Today we are going to talk about what SEO is going to look like in 2019!

1: Responsiveness

This has been important for a while now, but is becoming increasingly more so with the heavy reliance on mobile devices. I have a few friends now…… that only have a mobile phone, no PC and some not even a tablet. It may sound crazy, but with phones being so powerful and flexible in what you can do, a lot of people are realising they don’t need to have a PC of any kind to do what they want.


Make sure your site looks and performs perfectly across all device types.

2: Website speed

Speed is going to be another factor that is becoming more important for your website rankings. Luckily for us, internet speed is generally getting faster, making this easier. However you do need to take into consideration the size of your images and videos, as well as having clean and concise code to make sure your website is faster than the Flash!


Keep your images small and your code clean to make sure your site is loading fast.

3: Voice search

It hasn’t had much traction at the moment, with a lot of people not using it fully yet. However, to keep your site at the top of Google (or to get it there) you should start thinking about voice search.

I like to think of voice search like any other platform, YouTube or Instagram for example. The people who adopted it early on and created content for that platform and now really reaping the benefits, having gained traction because they were the only people on the platform.


Make sure your website and the content you are producing are optimised for voice search.

4: Updated content

There are billions of blogs out there with more being created everyday, so getting ranked for your content can be hard. But there is hope, with a quick win.

A lot of the content out there is outdated, included yours and ours. So what you need to do is go through your existing content and see which posts are performing well or were performing well and update them with new content. Change the numbers and theories to make them relevant to now, this will help increase your traffic and value given.


Update your best content for quick SEO wins.

5: Time spent

This is a really nice metric to look at in your analytics and can help rank your site above sites of higher authority.

How it works is if search engines can see that users are spending a lot of time on your site, it will show that your content is valuable and worth looking at. This can then bump you up the rankings to the glory of first place. There are a few great ways to do this, our favourite is to create videos instead of blogs. If you do great videos, people will stick around to watch them, more so than quickly scrolling through a blog and just reading the titles.


Get users to stay on your site longer through great content.

That’s it for this blog, I hope you learned something and if you do fancy saying hello why not drop us an email or say hi on social media:



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