Colour is nature’s way of communicating an idea. For example, insects with bright colourations are typically poisonous.Their colours are designed to tell the predators to stay away. Birds, on the other hand, use vibrant tones to suggest that they are good mates and have come to a fertile age. Humans have a similar concept as this, as we have assigned certain characteristics and ideas to specific colours.


This is why your choices in colour are such an integral part of any branding campaign, as it helps to relay the messages you want to get across. It’s a fantastic idea for you to learn more about colour psychology so that you can create a better brand for your business. With that said, here’s our quick guide on how to incorporate colour theory into your branding design:


Colours can make people feel something

As mentioned, colours can be used to convey an idea, but humans also use it as a way to show emotions. This is apparent in the way we assign colour codes to emotions. For example, green is jealousy, red is love, and blue is sadness. These associations are not baseless, as these tones do make us feel something. The emotions may differ from person to person.However, one thing that isn’t so subjective is the fact that colours can entice us to do and feel something. Therefore, you will need to think of your brand identity and personality so that you can put together a colour palette that suits those concepts. If you’re a business that focuses on innovation and being at the forefront of the industry, colours such as navy blue and crimson can make your brand feel confident and collected. If you are looking to give off an idea of vibrancy and happiness, however, colours such as sky blue and turquoise may be better options.


How to choose the right colour for my brand?

Now that you are familiar with the relationship between colours and emotions, let’s go into more detail as to how you can use hues to convey a certain idea.


Listed below are the five crucial elements of a brand:


-      Sincerity

-      Excitement

-      Competence

-      Sophistication

-      Ruggedness


At least one of these ideas needs to be the main focus of your branding for it to be at its most effective. You will need to understand where your identity falls within these five categories. This will be the start of your colour choices. You can list out some adjectives that describe your business best and pick five of the most accurate ones. That will give you some idea of who you are as a business and how you can choose the colours to suit the core concept of your brand.


Use contrasting colours - sparingly

It’s not enough to have a primary colour. You also need a contrasting colour to emphasise certain elements. Most brands opt to use the polar opposite colour in the colour wheel to provide a stark contrast. For example, you will find many brands with a blue primacy colour use orange as their contrasting colour of choice. This is because orange is the opposing colour for blue in the colour wheel. Any orange element will stand out beautifully on a blue background. This is an essential aspect of a lot of things. For example, if the background colour of your reception area is blue,you can have your receptionists wear orange suits to make them stand out while maintaining the brand concept.


This is also a useful concept to understand for web design as well, as you can use these contrasting tones for your CTAs to make them more visible. The issue with contrast is that you have to use it sparingly so that it doesn’t overpower the primary colours. Remember - the contrasting colours have just as much power as your main ones, so you need to make sure that the main theme is maintained throughout the entire visual design.


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