With video becoming the most popular way to view content, you need to keep ahead of the competition by creating videos that engage the user.

Chances are that you don’t have an in-house video team, and as tempting as it can be to create one yourself, it could result in a loss of engagement because of bad quality or content. However video can be a high value piece of content that is worth the investment, after all Dr. James McQuivey estimates a good one minute video is worth 1.8million words!

So how can you make sure those 1.8million words are put to their best use? Have a look at our 5 helpful tips that can give your video the best engagement it can:


Let’s start off with the length of the video, as this is one of the most important aspects for creating a good video. It is also one of the areas where you can get incredible value from your video as you chop and change it to suit each platform.

The maximum length of a video shouldn’t exceed 2 minutes if you want viewers to watch it until the end, after all 60% of viewers will stop watching after the 2 minute mark on Youtube. This is quite a different story for social media platforms however.

You will want to tailor the length of your video to suit the platform it will be viewed on, viewers go onto YouTube to watch videos so they expect to be there for a little while. Whilst Twitter and Facebook users are just looking for quick updates, but will stop for content that grabs their attention. So to counter this quick-stop style of viewing you will want to cut the length of your video in half, to 1 minute max.


To get viewers really interested in your video, you need to inject it with some personality. No one wants to watch the robot man unbox some Nike Air Jordans - unless you’re going for a parody.

So get some personality and interest into the video, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Comedy videos are some of the most shared videos on the internet, so it can’t hurt.

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but the video from Dollar Shave Club is a perfect example of adding some personality to video marketing:



Now it might seem like a good idea to ramble on about the benefits of the product or service you’re selling, but it could be a little polarizing. The best way to get your point across (in 2 minutes) is to keep things simple and explain what you do.

This could be in a similar way to Dollar Shave Club, they explain exactly what they do in easy to understand terms. But if your product is more complicated, you can always use animations to get the point across. This means that your voiceover is aided heavily with animations so you are not only saying what you do, but showing it as well.



Another way to keep viewers hooked is to create a story to your video - this could then lead onto a series of videos if it performs well.


Story driven videos such a ‘Dear Kitten’ and ‘Google Stories’ are great tools to advertise your product without advertising your product. You are presenting the benefits of using your product or service in an interesting way that gets viewers buy-in from gaining an emotional connection.

As you can see from ‘Dear Kitten’ it is only at the very end it shows you what the product actually is, and the fact that this is an advert. It keeps viewers interested and happy right until the very end, and by then you are receptive to it’s product suggestion.



Finally, the overall look and feel of your video can be a deciding factor of whether your video gets viewed or not. It is similar in essence to having personality in your videos, as having a video that is bad quality or shot poorly will immediately lose viewers attention, to the point where they may not even click on the video to watch.

This is where getting a professional to help create your video will boost the engagement of your video and bring you the most value from it - whether that be a live shoot or an animation.

To conclude, video is fastly becoming the main communication tool for marketers. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg has said he believes Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years. So why not start now and get ahead of the curve?

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