Do you want more twitter followers? More people engaging with your tweets? In this blog post we’ll show you some super easy ways to improve your twitter strategy. When your Twitter strategy is great, you will get the engagement with your target audience that you deserve.

Complete Your Twitter Profile

This should be the first thing you do when implementing your Twitter strategy. Nobody wants to follow a Twitter profile that has a blurry profile picture, or a stock photo as the header image.

Your profile picture is your brands first impression on Twitter, it is the only part of your profile design that someone can see if they don’t follow you and you get retweeted onto their home feed. Since Twitter’s redesign, all profile pictures are now in a circle rather than a square. Therefore, you should make sure that your profile picture is the right size to avoid it being cropped or stretched by the circle.

Think carefully about what you want your profile picture to be, if you are a big brand then a simple image of your logo might work best as it will be recognisable to your audience. However, if you are a smaller business or you work alone, you may choose to use an image of yourself or your team to add a personal touch to your tweets.

Next, there is your Twitter bio. Here you must tell readers all about your brand in only 160 characters. This will be one of the first things that visitors to your profile will read so you should make them curious to find out more about your brand and follow your profile. Another reason to add a bio to your profile is that it is very searchable. Therefore, you may want to think about adding some keywords relevant to your brand to improve your SEO strategy.

PlayStation is a great example of a Twitter using keywords.

If your brand has a recognisable slogan you may want to make this into a hashtag and include it in your bio as this may encourage readers to click on and find out more about what your slogan means and what people are saying about your brand.

The final step of a great Twitter profile is to create a banner image. Your banner image should capture attention and reinforce your brand identity or promote your latest product or campaign. If you don’t have a graphic designer to hand, or top-notch photoshop skills we suggest creating a banner on one of our favourite social media tools, Canva. Canva has tons of twitter header templates that you can customise with your company logo, images and colours.

Now that your Twitter profile is looking banging it’s time to focus on your engagement…

Interact With Your Followers

If you want your followers to engage with your content, you should first engage with them! Think of it as dating, you must first tickle your audiences fancy and invite them on a date before you can find out more about them. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they aren’t interacting with your content. Every like and share is another chance to get your content in front of the eyes of new people. In addition, if someone shares your tweet that will build customer confidence of your brand.

Remember that social media is a two-way relationship. You should make sure that you like and reply to tweets people have posted about your brand, show your followers how much you appreciate them! You can also DM followers that may have questions about a product or service you offer, but don’t add one of those automatic DM’s when someone follows you… all they do is annoy people. Interacting on twitter really does work, as 48% of social media users say that responsiveness is the top characteristic that prompts them to purchase from a brand or company.

Another way to interact with your followers is to ask them questions throughout your tweets. You could even try a live chat on Twitter by encouraging your audience to send in their questions by using a designated hashtag.

Plan and Schedule Tweets

To get great engagement with your Twitter you need to stay active! You should plan and schedule your tweets to ensure that there is a constant feed of new content for your followers. You should find out at what time of day your audience interacts with your content the most and focus on posting your best content at this time!

How many times a day should you post? We suggest at least once a day so that your followers don’t forget who you are. Coschedule however suggest that you should post a least 15 times a day as this is 15 chances to be shared by others. Personally we don’t see how any small business would have the time to post this many times a day without the use of a social media management service by an agency.

Follow People

If you want to get more people clicking on your twitter profile, pop into their notifications by following them! A quick search of your brands niche will bring up hundreds of people that may be interested in your profile. In addition you can look at who is following and interacting with your competitors. Give them a follow and provide a reason for them to follow you with content that grabs their attention!

Add Value To Your Tweets

Make sure that every tweet expresses your brands personality. With so much competition on Twitter you should make sure your tweets stand out of the crowd. You can do this by adding interesting images, videos or even interactive games on your twitter. Remember, good tweets get likes, shares and replies whereas bad tweets don’t. Find out what kind of content works best for you and repeat it.

Pin Tweets To Your Profile

If you have a tweet that you are really proud of. Or you are currently promoting a new product and want any new visitors of your profile to know about it you should pin a tweet to your profile. This means that it will stay at the top of your tweet feed and therefore be the first tweet that visitors will read on your profile.

Link, Link, Link!

Finally, make sure you include links to your website and featured products on your twitter profile. This should not only be in the website box, but on your banner photo and in your tweets! It is important to remind your audience where you want them to go.

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