Social media marketing is an interesting way to market your products and services, it is something that most businesses need to do and is a great way to get your name out there and interact directly with potential customers.

But it’s quite heard to give a solid ROI on social media.

The reason for this is because social media is built up primarily from tangible and intangible assets, with the majority of the work you put in resulting in intangible assets.

Some of these intangibles are:

Brand awareness

Customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction

Company reputation

Who your brand is!

Now these intangibles, as I’m sure you can tell by now, don’t have a monetary value. But is that as bad as it seems?

When you think about these intangibles, you can start to think how they affect your business on a day to day basis, and it’s value. Think about Wikipedia, they probably have a small amount of tangible assets such as computers and servers etc, but they are valued close to $10m. That’s because a lot of their worth is built on the brand, it isn’t how much they have in the bank. If you think about it, they have a very high ranking site and if you are looking something up you will generally end up on Wikipedia, and that’s their brand value, not how much stuff they have.

This is what your social media marketing is doing. It’s building this intangible feeling, it’s building your brand.

That being said, you can get some tangible assets from social media. You can get direct sales from social media, through the posts and hype you build from your brand and the addition of shopping directly in the apps, you can start to see sales coming in from these platforms. However it isn’t that frequent currently.

So how can we build a definitive ROI into our social media marketing results?

One great way is customer validation.

If you have a great following on social media and you have a new product you are thinking of making, you can ask your followers directly and gauge the interest. This is something large companies such as GE do with closed groups and has helped save them millions.

It works because instead of going straight into production on a new idea that you have thought of, you can see IF there is a market for it, and what that market wants from the product. Your main feature might be the least important for people, so it will help you build the best products for your industry.

That’s it for this blog, I hope you learned something and if you do fancy saying hello why not drop us an email or say hi on social media:



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