Hey everyone, my name is Steven Titchener, and in this video we are going to discuss how you can create traffic to your website with 0 marketing budget.

So there are a couple of ways you can generate traffic to your website when you have no budget at all. This is something I had to do when I first started up TwoGuys Creative and something I have spoken to a lot of clients about. They want to know how they can build traffic quickly to a new website and how this could be done.

There are a few ways you can build traffic to your site with no budget. The only caveat, they all entail a LOT of work. There is no fast or easy way without budget.

The easy way if you had some advertising budget would be to use Facebook and Google Ads to drive more traffic and targeted traffic to your website. The only issue is that these routes can be expensive and we want to do it for FREE!

So let’s look at the ways we can build free traffic:

Create more content

One element of a good SEO strategy is to have fresh content that is of a high quality. This is why you need to start building more content, these could be blogs; infographics or videos that sit on your site and draw people in. Anything that could be considered ‘shareable’.

This doesn’t mean go out and create a bunch of click-bait or short articles. The best thing to do is to create engaging and meaningful content, the kind that your target audience will want to take the time to watch or read.

You do however, need to create a lot of content. In a recent study from Hubspot they saw that companies that posted more than 10 times a month would see a much higher increase in traffic. It’s all down to having that fresh content that search engines like to see.

Keep people engaged

So you’ve got some great content and you’re posting 20 times a day and you’re starting to see your traffic increase, but we need more!

Another element of a good SEO strategy is increasingly becoming ‘time spent’. What we mean by that is, if users are spending a lot of time on your pages, then your website must be useful… right?

That’s where quality content is key. Once you have people coming to your site you need to keep them there with quality content, whether that’s long form blog posts or videos or even making it easy for them to see your other blogs. Anything you can do to increase the time they spend on your website will help your SEO score in the end.

Get users to subscribe to updates

There are many ways to get people to subscribe to ‘lists’ and so you need to see which works best for you and your company.

The traditional way is to get them onto an email list - but is that effective anymore?

One of my favourite ways currently is to get them onto a Facebook messenger chatbot list OR a whatsapp group. The great thing about this is that these channels haven’t been overused yet so people are still receptive to opening your messages and actually reading the content.

The issue is that it is more of an ask for this, it feels more personal than that ‘spam email account’ they have set up. But being the optimist I am, I find this helps. While I don’t get as many subscribers on these channels, they are more engaged and easier to talk to than my email list. The other benefit to messenger based lists is that you can send smaller messages and more often without seeming spammy. You don’t need to do a blog post roundup email, you can ask them what they want to know and serve up the blog they want to read about at any point… Basically, chatbots are great.

The other ways you can notify people and engage with them is through Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and even YouTube. So don’t worry about building a traditional marketing email list, think about what will be best for you and your users.

Post on other website blogs

This is a great way to start building your company and site authority. It might seem daunting and first and there is a lot of work that goes into writing for other websites, but it is worth the time.

The main challenges you’re going to face with this is getting in touch with editors (and getting a reply) and generating all that unique content.

I have never seen a blog or website that wants old content that you have already posted. Like us, they are trying to rank highly, so they want to get new, fresh and exciting content onto their site so they can climb the ranks and build their authority.

So you need to make sure that you are performing outreach with great ideas and content before you start posting to your own website. This will benefit you because in the end,  you will get a link back to your website from a ‘high ranking’ page which makes the Google bot assume your page is interesting as well. The more sites you can get to link back, the better your score, so keep at it and you will see your rank climbing.

If you can’t post - get a link

So if you can’t write enough content to be posting to your site as well as someone else's (it is a sickening amount of content to produce), what you need to do is to try and get some links into their existing articles.

The best way to do this is to go to ahrefs and search for your ideal keywords, or what your blog is about. Then you can a nice list of websites that are linking to those keywords.

Now you approach these sites and see if they can update their outdated links, with your shiny new ones. This helps them because it keeps their article looking great and helps you because you get a link out of it.

Engage your community

This is one of my favourite tips and can make a HUGE difference, not only to your web traffic, but also to your branding in general.

What you need to do is make sure you are in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, forums and everywhere that your clients might hang out. Now you look for posts that are interesting and leave some valuable insight on them, help the community.

This is not only going to get people to visit your site to have a nosey, but also to get them to start recognising your name. Now this is building more authority for your brand than ranking 1st on Google ever could (but it also helps with that as well).

That’s it for this blog, I hope you learned something and if you do fancy saying hello why not drop us an email or say hi on social media:

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