Using influencers within your marketing strategy is a very powerful form of word of mouth marketing. They act as brand ambassadors, promoting your brand and its products to their loyal audience. Once you find the right influencer, whos content and style fits your brand and your target audience, the results can be amazing.

Youtube is a great platform to use influencers on. As it is a highly visual platform in which users can see and hear all about your brand through the influencer. In a youtube video, a viewer can really learn the ins and outs of your brand and its products. It can also humanize your brand and help form relationships with your potential customers. So what are the three different ways you can use influencers on YouTube?

Paid Promotion

With a paid promotion, the clue is in the name. You will pay an influencer to make a video about your brand or a product from your brand. This may be a whole video about your product or just a small section of their video. For example this video LINK by beauty recommends of a model talking about her favourite oral B toothpaste.

Although the video is effective as it shows a consumer's perspective of the product, it is very clearly an advert. In fact, all paid promotions in the UK have to have ‘Ad’ in the title. We believe this is making this kind of youtube influencer marketing less popular as viewers as less likely to click on a video with ‘ad’ in the title.

The ‘Squarespace’

This is when you sponsor a whole video, and you sponsor EVERYONE’S video. We’re finding it hard to find any video that is not sponsored by squarespace at the moment. When sponsoring an influencers video, they do not necessarily have to show or talk about your products. It’s a bit like sponsoring a football team, your logo is on the players shirts but the players do not have to talk about you. Youtubers will just mention that the video has been sponsored by your brand and maybe offer a discount code or affiliate link for your brand.

This video sums it up perfectly and funnily enough is sponsored by squarespace:

Ads Before Or During A Video

The next way to use YouTube influencers is to use youtube adverts. With YouTube adverts you can submit a video advert that you want to play before or during a YouTubers Video. However, you can not pick and choose whose Youtube video your ads will appear on. You can choose the age, gender, parental status, or household income of the audience you want to reach, and your ad will appear on videos that YouTube believe are appropriate for your brand and target audience. Youtube also offers affiliate audiences which are audiences selected based on their lifestyle and interests. For example, if you are a gym clothing brand you can choose a fitness affiliate audience.

YouTube adverts can be the cheapest option of influencer marketing, as you only pay when somebody watches the full advert. This means you are only paying for adverts that have engaged with a viewer and hopefully encouraged them to click through to your website or search for your brand.

The best YouTube adverts should tell the audience everything they need to do know in the first 5 seconds, as often viewers have the option to skip the ad. Many brands have seen these as a challenge, making funny adverts that encourage viewers not to skip!

Send Them Free Stuff

The final way to work with YouTube influencers is to send them free samples of your brands products and hope that they enjoy it. If they enjoy your product they may be likely to talk about the product on their video, especially if they are a vlogger filming their everyday life. This means that you do not have to fork out to pay an influencer to talk about your brand, just send a free product and hope that they like it! However this is does not guarantee engagement with your brand as the influencer has no obligation to talk about your brand. If you are a small business though, it might be worth a shot!

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