Hey everyone, my name is Steven Titchener and today we are going to talk about the difference between marketing and branding.

Marketing and branding get mixed up a lot in the business and personal world. A lot of people associate branding just to a logo and marketing to everything else such as sales.

In a previous video we discussed what exactly a brand is - hint, it’s more than just a logo and styleguide.

Branding is the why

Branding is all about asking questions about your company and it’s objectives. Questions such as who you are, what you do and why you do that?

It’s all about defining these values and finding out who you are as a company. From this you can start creating content around your brand story showing who you are to your customers.

This then starts to build a ‘feeling’ around your company, building loyalty around your brand and not a particular product. Think Apple for example, they have built an amazing brand up so that any product they release people are going to want and buy, simply because it is Apple.

Marketing is the how

Marketing is all about the sale. It’s taking your products and services and packaging them up with pretty bows to wow your audience.

It is about showing off how great the products are and telling people why they need them, but it is the brand that builds a strong desire for those products.

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