For a long I have had the dream and ambition to work for myself, be the boss, sit on the iron throne... But have only recently found myself in the right place to really pursue these ambitions.

Having been in the field of design for almost ten years now (yes, that does include my time in ‘education’) I have got to a place both creatively and technically where I feel comfortable being able to help clients achieve their goals without any overseeing.

Thus, I am officially no longer an employee of any agency but am carving my own path! This has come with new challenges to face and questions to ask, mainly being: how am I going to be better than everyone else? There may be other designers out there that are more creative, better skilled or just more experienced. There always is and there always will be, it's something we all have to accept. So how will I help my clients more than they will?


Building trust is hard to do, especially in a business environment when a lot is at stake. But I find the best thing in way to do this in any circumstance is to be truthful and use the experience I have to advise my clients on how to hit their targets in the best possible way.

The current state of marketing is:
What do you want? Okay, we will do that for this price.

How it should be:
What do you want to achieve? Okay, these could be the best possible ways we can help you do that!

And that is where a good client relationship comes from. There may be those who just want what they want, but I hope most will appreciate my PROFESSIONAL advice.

What do you think about be completely transparent with your clients?

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