‍With branded apps becoming a more and more common appearance, we have a look into what makes a successful app for your brand.

Is it useful?

What does your app do for it’s users? There are many ways in which it can help a user, but what you need to assess, is the quality of help it provides for your target market. It is essential that your app is useful for customers, otherwise it will not be on their phone for long.

Does it provide the content your users are looking for? 
This could be anything from relevant blog posts to a menu for your restaurant.

Does it solve your users problems?
Are you making it easy for your users to make purchases or book an appointment?

Does it give them exclusive offers?
This could be anything from priority access to events or coupons for money off.

For example, the mobile app from Bill’s is a fantastic and simple to use. It contains some great offers that entice you to frequent the Bill’s restaurant, and it also solves the age old problem of splitting the bill. It also uses the technology available to it by giving you the option to pay using your phone instead of a traditional card, so with a few clicks you can split and pay the bill. Saving the customer a lot of time!

Bill's app homepage

But it isn’t all that. You can pay the bill, make reservations, collect (good) rewards and see opening times for your nearest Bill’s, there is one piece of basic information missing from this app however. A menu and potential ordering system. If this app were to add a menu that you can view before visiting the restaurant, this would prove time effective for both Bill’s and the customer. The customer can view a menu and choose their order before they arrive, all they have to do when they get their is place it, which would save Bill’s time for their waiting staff.

Make sure your app is as useful as it can be by providing all the essential information to the customers, but be careful to not overcomplicate the app and have too much information.

Would you keep it on your phone?

This point is more personal and is steeped in semiotics, however home screen real estate is an essential consideration. With every app downloaded, it is taking up vital space on the mobile’s hard drive and on the home screen. This could lead to some people having to scroll 5 pages before getting to your app, and no-one wants to have that many apps cluttering up their screen. So why keep yours on their home screen and not put it in a miscellaneous folder, or worse, delete it?

You need to ask yourself this question when you make an app and if the answer is ‘no’, you may need to reconsider what your mobile app is trying to do.

Does it work?

Literally, does it crash or not? An app that is unstable or slow is incredibly frustrating and can lead to a quickly deleted app. You need to make sure you prioritise performance when creating a mobile app.

This is easily done by not only having incredibly talented developers, but also by keeping the scope of your app tight. Make sure it does one thing really well, keep it simple. Marissa Mayer has three rules for app design, one of them being the two tap rule - can your app do what a user needs in just two taps?

Keep your app simple to keep it fast.

Is it useable?

A very similar sounding title to does it work, but very different. This point is about the visual aspects of your app.

Your app needs to look polished and professional, like it has just come out of the ranks of Google or Apple. This will help keep your users on the app by making it easy to use through good UX and UI design.

Offer easy navigation and a clean UI to help users use your app to it’s full potential, and thus giving them a great brand experience that they will want to come back to time and time again.

Does it fit with your brand?

So your app looks fantastic, but does it look ‘on-brand’? You need to make sure that your app falls within the realms of your brand world. If you can place it next to your website and brochure and it doesn’t stick out, then you are on track.

Be on brand with all your communications, but don’t be too uptight as to restrict creative freedom or your app could look boring.

Does your organisation have a mobile app presence, or is looking for one? Talk to us to find out how we can help your idea become reality!

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