We all recognise the logos of Apple and Nike and have created a strong connection with them and what they do, but what you might not have noticed is the BRAND that surrounds it. It’s this branding that helps us develop this connection to the company and it’s product, not just the logo.

We call this: Brand Strategy

The importance of brand strategy is to align your business goals with your marketing goals and is a vital step in creating a long-lasting and memorable brand. But what goes into a brand strategy? Let’s break it down:

Brand Attributes

This is the building block for everything else in your brand strategy, it defines who your brand is, what it sounds like and what it stands for.


This defines who the customers are, whether they are existing or the ‘ideal’ customer, it is important to know who you are selling to so you can reach them in the right way.


Goals are there to help align your marketing team to your sales, product development, management teams so everyone knows what the company is trying to achieve.


This pulls everything together to work out the how. How is the brand going to get in front of the right audience, say the right things and help the business grow.

That’s it for a brand strategy. It doesn’t look like much, but needs some serious thought and time putting into it to get it right. Once a company has a brand strategy it can push the recognition of the brand much further than before through unified marketing and design.

Let’s look into a recent rebrand of a major company to see a brand strategy in action:

UBER have recently rebranded, and in our mind, to great success - it looks fantastic.

Being such a major brand, UBER have the advantage of having a large customer base to start with. So they started with a great period of research to help inform their brand so they could develop their already well-known brand. From this they discovered some great insights into the direction they should be taking and why they should do this.

One item that came from this research is a fantastic summary of their creative output:

What this does is to help unify all their communications and gives everyone working on the project a direction. The idea of movement is core to the company and therefore should translate across to the brand and marketing materials.

Now they have an overall direction the strategy is to define each section of their communications, such as the tone of voice.

As you can see with the tone of voice, they have again given guiding principles for the tone of voice. This is so that everyone working with the UBER brand will make sure it sounds like… UBER.

Reading through the whole UBER branding article you can see how they have used strategy to develop out their new branding and have created a whole world around their brand.

Having a strategy in place like UBER have, is an essential part of any company and helps the entire team to communicate the company's message to create a memorable brand.

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In this toolkit you will be guided through the steps to start building out a brand strategy for your business or yourself. This is going to help you fine tune your marketing efforts to make sure your brand is memorable and engaging for your ideal customers.

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