‍In this blog we give you the tools to answer that age old question… Should I rebrand? Or does my company just need a refresh?

Most would think that a rebrand is ten times the work (and price) of a refresh, so opt for the refresh. Some agencies charge ten times more for a rebrand because they think they can. But in reality, both options are around the same amount of work, you just need to decide where you want your brand to go.

Let’s have a look at the different arguments behind each option:


So, what are the reasons you should consider a rebrand?

Your customers are choosing your competition over you

This could be a sign that your brand is failing you. A lot of trust from consumers is based on their experience with the brand, before the thought of a purchase is even considered. If you brand looks out of date or unsightly you will lose business this way. One consideration however is that while fortune favors the brave, a certain level of homogeneity does make sense to keep your brand recognisable.

Your product or offering has substantially changed

For example, if you use to sell bananas at your local market, but now you sell high-tech microchips, you don’t want to keep the same branding. Now I know companies wouldn’t make such a drastic change in offering, but if you do change your offering to a different field or industry it makes sense to match your brand. The benefit of this is you aren’t trying to uphold your brand’s recognition, so a change to make it work would be of benefit.

It’s just plain awful

This is quite an extreme one, but there is such thing as a brand looking like it has been created using clipart - it is real, I’ve seen it! Sometimes your brand might not even make any sense, we all remember the olympic logo disaster of 2012! It could be worse though, Mastercard recently rebranded and very quickly ditched the new brand.

Some famous examples of rebranding

Microsoft rebrand
Pepsi rebrand
Firefox rebrand


Why should you just consider a refresh then?

You have a recognisable brand already

If you have been in the space for a while and have worked up a (good) reputation, your brand may just need a quick spruce to bring it up-to-date. Having a recognisable brand is essential to customer trust, if you then have a complete rebrand it could backfire and lose you business. Some brands have barely changed for over 100 years!

It’s looking outdated

With trends in the design world changing day by day it is hard to keep up with current trends, especially in large organisation where a brand refresh could take up to 12 months. This is one of the most popular reasons to refresh your brand, many large companies have undertaken this to great success.

Our market has changed

Now, this is close to the point I made earlier about your offering changing, but it is not to be mistaken with said point. With technology changing the world around us, so do our markets and target audiences, this isn’t something you have decided or (generally) have influence over. It just happens. And because it happens, your brand has to be able to adapt with the change.

Some famous examples of brand refreshing

The swoosh will always remain
Unchanged since 1900
The VW circle remains since inception

With that all said, it is still a hard decision to make and something that you should enlist professional advice for. So talk to your in-house creative team or your creative design agency and get their opinions on the current state of your brand.

Have I missed any reason why you should rebrand or refresh? Let me know!

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