Naming a Brand


A memorable name can be the difference between a business that booms or a business that flops. A brand name ideally needs to create top-of-the-mind awareness with potential consumers. Think about what immediately comes to mind when you think about washing up liquid... Fairies. No matter how abstract a brand name may sound, in reality any name can work if it can communicate a unique selling point and tell a story about the brand. In addition a brand name should always be backed up by a strong marketing strategy.


Standing out


In overcrowded markets, having a brand name that stands out can become very difficult. Not only does a brand name have to be unique, it also has to be original! Apparently, some experts believe that 99% of the dictionary is already registered as a domain name.This means that in order to stand out and gain a trademark many companies choose to be totally obscure, combining words into a totally new word or simply naming a company after a piece of fruit. Generally speaking if your name is short, easy to pronounce, spell, simple and available, you’re good to go.


Remember you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression


So why TwoGuys?


...More specifically, Why is TwoGuys, ‘Two Guys’ when it’s actually owned and run by more than ‘two guys’?


‘TwoGuys’ communicates the message of a relationship between one guy and the client (the other guy). Our name expresses the idea that clients are not only clients but are themselves a part of the company. The ‘two guys’ are basically best friends working together to develop and design creative content for business.


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