You may have noticed many people have started to use templates to create beautiful looking Instagram stories. Your Instagram stories should tell your audience something through (you guessed it!) a story! If you want to find out more about how to create an engaging Instagram story, check out our blog post!

Your audience only have 24 hours to view your Instagram story before it disappears. Therefore you should make your story exciting by providing the latest information about your service or products.

Your stories should also be consistent with your brand identity. How can you express your brand identity through your story? With templates!

What Is A Template?

This could be as simple as using the same font and on your Instagram story as you do on the rest of your marketing materials, this makes it more recognisable as ‘your’ font to your potential customers. Think about how many brands you can recognise from their font.

You want to catch your audience’s attention and avoid them swiping past your story. Your stories should match the style of your Instagram page by using the same colours and design that you use across not only your Instagram, but all of your social media platforms and your website!

Top of mind awareness is when a brand or specific product is the first thing that pops into a consumer's mind when they think of a particular industry or category. You can achieve top of mind awareness by having a consistent brand identity and message that you are constantly repeating to your audience on all of your platforms.

Our Favourites

Here are some examples of brands that are making great stories using templates:


Boohoo have a very recognisable brand identity to promote their urban style clothing brand for a young audience. This Instagram story is incredibly simple, showcasing a number of new clothing items available to purchase now. They avoid overloading their audience with information and provide a call to action by asking their audience to ‘swipe up’ to purchase. They use the same font throughout the story which matches with their brand identity.

E News

E News! Use Instagram stories to share the latest stories and interviews with  celebrities. Here, they have used an Instagram story template to share an interview with Demi Lovato. The template makes the story look like a professional television interview and could capture the attention of the audience as they click through their stories.

Cats Protection

Of course we aren’t going to write a blog post without including cats in it at some point… We love the stories that the cats protection are creating which promote important issues for cat owners. They use a consistent font which is recognisable with their identity and provide a ‘swipe up’ function if viewers want to find out more.

How To Create A Template

You can easily create a professional looking Instagram story by using a template on Canva, a free online graphic design program. All you have to do is click on the ‘Instagram Stories’ option from the homepage and there are plenty of templates which you can use, with the option to change the colours and fonts to match your brands identity.

There is also another popular mobile app called Unfold, which many users have started to use on Instagram. The app allows you to add colourful borders and text to your images to create an engaging story that expresses your message to your audience.

If you are looking for a more unique looking Instagram story which expresses your brand identity through a consistent colour scheme, font choice and image choices. You may want to use Photoshop to create your template, you could do this yourself or get a graphic design agency to create it for you! It is an expensive option but the only option that gives you absolute freedom to create a template that is just right for you. Once you have this template you can save it and simply add new text and images when you are ready to post a new story!

If you are choosing to not use Instagram stories in your marketing mix you are missing out on a huge way to gain your audience's attention! Stories feel more personal than an actual Instagram post and allow you to give exclusive offers, news and information to your audience within the 24 period that your story is live. A Instagram template is a perfect way to keep your brand identity consistent in a social media feature you may be not even be thinking about!

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