Every company worth their salt and looking to grow has a business strategy or business plan, but very few companies have even thought about brand strategy and how it could affect their business. In this blog we talk about brand strategy and how it could help grow your company.

You could describe brand strategy as a brother or sister of business strategy, as in their basic forms are both a plan for achieving certain goals or targets. But business strategy only really looks at a ‘small’ area of the business, like financials and targets for instance, which is great and gives you a plan to work to but it can be missing something.

That’s where brand strategy comes in.

Brand strategy helps develop objectives

You might be thinking - “this sounds a lot like a business strategy to me” - and you wouldn’t be totally wrong, or totally right, you’re about 30% correct in that thought. Your companies business strategy forms part of the overall brand strategy. By looking at your business goals and plans, then diving deeper into the culture, competitors and communications we start to build up a brand strategy. This overarching plan will help in all areas of business, from your communications to culture to business practices in some cases.

What is brand strategy then?

The overall goal of brand strategy is to join up business and communication goals in a meaningful way. This gives creative work such as your website, brand and social media presence a more meaningful existence, pushing it beyond it’s aesthetics and bringing more value to your company.

Whilst they are linked, business and brand strategies do have separate purposes and are there to meet different needs for your companies growth. Where business strategies are built around business objectives, they don’t outline a way to meet those objectives in most cases, that’s where brand strategy steps in with a roadmap of how to build and meet those business objectives.

brand strategy is a language

And with any language or concept there is going to be evolution and variation, but you shouldn’t try to stop this, grow the brand strategy along with the company for the most consistent, transparent and truthful version of the company.

How can it work with my business?

Developing a brand strategy within your business is the best way to start building your communications platform, with a great way to use them is as a jumping off point for creative briefs.

A lot of designers mistake a strategy for a brief, but it is work that develops a brief. From your strategy you can look at where you need to communicate for the best results, who you need to communicate to and what they want to see and hear. This information can then be pulled into multiple creative briefs to build the deliverables that your company needs - maybe it’s a new website or brand. The key for this is to develop strategies before the brief. You can create a beautiful website without a strategy, but it won’t help hit your business objectives as well as if you had a strategy before building the website.

Every brand strategy should be developed to include as much information as possible and to hit certain objectives. When creating a brand strategy you should look to:

TwoGuys Creative specialises in brand strategy and can help you develop your strategy through our tailored sessions - get in touch now to find out more.

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In this toolkit you will be guided through the steps to start building out a brand strategy for your business or yourself. This is going to help you fine tune your marketing efforts to make sure your brand is memorable and engaging for your ideal customers.

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