A brand to a lot of people is just a logo, brand guidelines and the styles that you use, but not much more than that. However a brand is much more than that and there is a lot you need to think about when developing your brand.

When developing brands I break down the brand into four aspects:


This is exactly what you think it would be. It’s looking at your logo, the colours you use, your typographic choices. Everything that makes up the visual aspects of your brand gets put into this category.


This sums up the way that people experience your brand, whether it’s the website or customer services. Each of these touchpoints add to the overall experience of your brand. You have to think of everything you do and make and reflect on it’s impact to the experiential side of your brand.

Think about a laptop you own, the way the hinge works, the keyboard and the mousepad all build and add to the experiential side of your brand. I don’t have an Apple laptop anymore, but I will always remember that it was probably the best laptop keyboard I have used.


This takes all of the elements so far and combines them in each person's mind to build up an ‘image’ of what your brand is. So the colours you use, your brand name and typography will initially give people an idea of who you are, then when they use your product that will have an effect on this brand image.

Going back to the laptop example, if you have a cheap laptop the hinge might be stiff and not smooth in its action, giving you a sense that it is a cheap laptop. This then adds to the overall perception of your brand as being cheap. It’s one reason why companies such as Bentley don’t make cheap cars, because that isn’t their brand. They make expensive and luxury cars, so the quality of build and price tag matches that - are they any better built than a VW? Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter, because of the perception they have built.


This is everything outside of your brands control but still needs to be thought about. The social aspect can be boiled down to how people are talking about your brands on social media networks or to their friends.

A great way to influence this is to be completely transparent in who you are and why you do what you do. Don’t be secretive and don’t be vanilla, get out there and talk about your opinions. It may put some people off, but it could turn others into brand advocates.

To sum all of this up, your brand has multiple elements that need to be thought about in everything you do. You need to make sure that every element of your business and product is planned around how to maximise your brands impact on people and to deliver the right message to them.

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