Your brand goes much further than whether your logo looks great or if your communications look the same. It has to be consistent across all your channels, online and offline, through your dedicated company channels and employees. Which is why having great personal branding is very much as important as company branding.

A personal online presence can be your company's greatest asset, or its biggest liability. On the one hand, if your employee has a great personal brand with considered posts, powerful messages and a large following, your company can reap the benefits of this extended reach. On the other hand, if another employee mixes between posts that don’t share the company’s values and posts that are your company in the wrong tone, you can end up losing a lot of potential custom as the trust in your company is lost.

Here are four reasons that personal branding is important:

It helps trust in your company

To put it simply - people trust people. In a Forrester report, 32% of online consumers would trust the opinion of a stranger online over a branded advertisement. And this is true, how often do you read reviews, watch videos or ask friends about a product before you purchase it? This is why you need to get employees invested in social media or you will end up losing out to companies that do.

Now as much as each employee needs to have their own voice on their channels, otherwise they may end up losing credibility, you also need to make sure they are communicating in a way that isn’t detrimental to your brand. To help this you can create a launch for the advocacy in which you can show them what you are looking for and how they can achieve it.

It helps sales

Because of the trust we put in the opinions of others, sales teams can use this to their advantage. To help grow a pipeline of quality leads, personal branding initiatives help to train and support your employee advocates in creating quality content that will draw in leads.

It helps marketing

Content created by the marketing team can really help you social advocates by giving them quality content to share across their channels, giving the content a larger reach and higher engagement.

It helps recruitment

We all want to hire those stand-out employees, and with personal social media accounts having the opportunity to create interest it is a good idea to look out for someone with an already impressive digital presence. By doing this you can judge their character, commitment and values as well as their potential to help your brand grow.

Employees of socially engaged companies are... (Source: Altimeter & LinkedIn Relationship Economics 2014)

If you don’t already have any employee advocacy in place, don’t worry. It is a simple process to set up with and get running with, but it should be something that you need to set up to boost your current marketing efforts.

If you want some help getting a brand advocacy programme running get in touch with us now.

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