UCG stands for user generated content and if you are involved with marketing or social media you know that has become a really big deal. It is also known as organic content or earned content as it means that your brand basically has ‘fans’ that love to talk about your brand.

User Generated Content Is So Successful As It Creates A Real Life Context For Your Product Or Service.

We all trust the advice and opinions of our friends and family, this is exactly what user generated content does. It builds trust for your brand through content that is relatable to your audience, as it has been created by your audience!

User generated content can come in all shapes and forms, it could be a review blog, an image or a video shared on various social media platforms that you can repost. It can save you a hell of a lot of time as your consumers basically create content for you.

So What Kind Of UGC Content Works Best On What Platforms?

Facebook favours video content as it the best platform for content to be shared (re-posted) by users to their other friends. Facebook is also the best place to post a video if you want it to go viral. Lad Bible uses user generated content very well on Facebook, they encourage their audience to send them videos and images of people being idiots.

What works best on Facebook? Content of other people being idiots, the best way we can all feel a lot better about our lives.

Twitter is best for images due to the limitation of the word count, it is also a great place to incorporate a campaign hashtag that users can share their content using. Unidays uses user generated content very well by reposting tweets by their audience, tweets that are funny and relatable to their student audience.

This is a great way to break up their promotional content and get more followers as the audience do not feel like they are constantly being sold something.

Instagram is our favourite place for user generated content due to it being a very creative platform. Images and videos posted on Instagram can really show your brand in a creative and unique way. GymShark is a great example of an Instagram that souly posts user generated content, they post images of models, brand ambassadors and customers wearing their gym wear. By doing this, GymShark has created a strong community feeling around their brand which is shown in the success of their pop-up shows across the country.

Finally, don’t forget about LinkedIn! If you want professional reviews and opinions on your brand linkedin is a great place to ask other professionals their views on your products and services.

How Can you Get UGC?

First things first, you must always remember to ask permission. If someone is posting about your brand on social media and you think it is a great piece of content you want to share, you can’t share it without their permission.

A quick search of your brand name on social media platforms and you could quickly find great content from your audience that you want to share. In fact, 75% of people will share a positive experience they have had with a brand. If someone is a fan of your brand, having their content re-posted by you will be very exciting for them as it shows that you care about them and also gives them exposure to a larger audience that they may want, especially if they are a small influencer.

But What If No One Is Currently Talking About Your Brand?

To encourage people to post about your brand on social media, you must first focus on building a community between yourself and your audience. You can do this by encouraging interaction! Ask your audience questions, do some live streaming and make sure you always like and reply to users comments on your posts.

A fantastic way to encourage users to create user generated content for your brand is through a competition or giveaway. If you give them an incentive they are more likely to create content. This is also a great way to increase your brand recognition, as you can use a branded hashtag and spread your brands name across social media. If you have a new product you want to promote you can use a campaign hashtag to get people to share their images, videos and opinions of this product. Plus, if they have a chance of winning something they will be excited to talk about your brand. Competitions are a great way to build a community as they show that you really care about your audience.

To Wrap Up

Just with any other social media technique, it is very important to have a strategy. What do you want to achieve through user generated content? Whether this is more engagement, more conversions, brand recognition, building trust or educating others about your products or services. You need to know what you want you want to achieve so that you can incorporate this into the content you are reposting. For example, if you want more people to click onto your website to look at your products, you will need to make sure you include a link to your website as a call to action on all of the content that you repost.

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