Facebook may not be your favourite social media platform anymore, it’s certainly not ours. However, it still has over 2 billion monthly users. Research shows that one in five humans has a profile on Facebook, this is a huge database of your potential customers. To ignore Facebook in your marketing strategy is a very easy way to avoid communicating with a huge amount of people. But with Facebook’s recent algorithm update it is now a lot more difficult to get your posts on to people's news feeds.

So, Why Should You Post Less?

It appears Facebook is a very savvy business. Facebook have said that they want to prioritise posts from friends and family on users news feed. Yet, it also priorities paid content over organic content from business pages. Organic content are your everyday posts that you do not pay to ‘boost’ onto users news feeds. Organic reach is the amount of people that have seen this content. With Facebook’s new algorithm update, organic reach is now a lot more difficult that in used to be.

Therefore, you should focus on quality over quantity. This is because Facebook is less likely to push a post onto a users news feed if they do not believe it is high Quality and offers the user value.

This Is The Kind Of Content That Facebook Is Less Likely To Push:

Clickbait videos - Images that look like a video but when you click on it to play it, you get sent to a website instead. Very annoying!

Clickbait headlines - We all love a good headline that is totally unrelated to the rest of the article!

Fake News - Because who wants to see this on their news feed?

Low Quality Websites - This is an interesting one and may encourage you to update your website. As Facebook assumes that a low quality website is not legitimate.

Outdated Information - This is pretty self explanatory. Facebook won’t push a post that is promoted a product or sharing an article from years ago, especially as Facebook has become a source of news for many users.

Extremely Short Videos - Facebook is not going to push an extremely short video as they do not believe that this provides users with quality. They believe that is most likely a blatant advertisement.

How Do You Get Your Posts On Users News Feeds?

A very easy way to get your posts onto more users news feeds is to pay to ‘boost’ posts. However, you should be very careful when doing this at is a very easy way to waste a lot of money. You should focus on which posts you want to boost at which times. For example, if a new product is launching and you want to boost a video of an influencer talking about how the product impacts their life. If you have a great piece of content that you are very proud of, that perfectly expresses your brand identity, don’t let it stay hidden! Boost it and let people see it.

Focus On High Quality

We do realise however that not everyone can afford to pay to boost posts. So you should focus on created very high quality organic content, as unfortunately less people are going to see it. You need to make sure that everything you post is high quality and expresses your brand identity. You need to increase the chances of capturing a users attention, as although your post might have reached a users news feed this does not mean that they have read and engaged with it.

Video Wins

Videos are the strongest type of content you can post on Facebook. In fact, two thirds of online content is now video and that figure is expected to climb.To find out how to create a great social media video, check out this blog post. Think about the little things, like the fact that most people watch videos on Facebook without sound. Make sure you include the little details in your video content such as subtitles, it could really make a difference!

Remember that a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, people just seem to hate reading now a days. Why would they bother, when they can watch a video instead. Videos are also the most shareable form of content on Facebook, and a share is another news feed your content has reached.

Live streams are another great way to get your brand onto a users news feed. If your live stream appears on a users news feed they have the opportunity to interact with you straight away in a personal way that can only be achieved on social media through live streams. Users can ask questions and get an answer straight away. Live streams are a great way to offer competitions or giveaways to your audience, which also encourages them to share your brand, talk about your brand or visit your website. With live streams it’s a win win situation.

If you don’t have the time or resources to create video or live content for Facebook, you should make sure that your posts are not text heavy. Break up text using images and don’t bore your audience with a huge paragraph of waffle, just tell them what they really need to know.

Be Active

You may have great Facebook posts, but if you don’t interact with your audience you will not get the engagement you deserve. We can’t stress enough how important it is to remain active everyday on your social media platforms. You need to offer your potential customers value on Facebook and the best way to do that is to speak directly to them by replying to comments and sharing user generated content. To find out more about how user generated content can improve your social media presence, check out this blog post.

In Conclusion

You should post less to ensure that all of your Facebook posts offer value to your audience. These posts should have a call to action to help you achieve your strategy goals. If you post less, you can spend more time focusing on creating high quality content, content that will really entrigue readers to find out more about your brand.

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