We all want more followers on our brands Instagram account, but often when you’re at networking events or meeting clients explaining how to spell your Instagram handle can be annoying and difficult. Thanks to Instagram’s new Nametag feature there is now a much easier and fun way to get people to follow you on Instagram, inspired by our old friend the QR code.

There are similar name tag options on Snapchat and Facebook messenger that are already popular by brands on social media. They are designed to be scanned quickly by your phones camera and easily show someone your profile, encouraging them to follow you.

If your Instagram handle includes dots, dashes, underscores or abbreviations you’ll know how difficult it is to get someone to search it. Instagram Nametags allow users to find your profile without having to type anything!

Having your Instagram Nametag on display on your stories, in your office or at events are a not-so-subtle way to encourage someone to follow you. They may just be interested in seeing how the name tag works.

How To Scan a Nametag

There are two ways you can scan an Instagram Nametag. First, you can go to your Instagram profile, tap the three line button in the top corner and choose the Nametag tab. Then tab ‘Scan A Nametag’ at the bottom.

The second way is to open your Instagram Stories camera and tap and hold the screen when you are ready to start scanning a Nametag. This is a much faster way to do it.

Once you’ve scanned a Nametag in either of these two ways you will see a screen that allows you to see the individual's profile and a large button to follow them. If you already follow this user, a pop up will let you know this.

How To Set Up Your Nametag

Name tags are available to every user on Instagram. They are also super easy to set up. Again, go to your profile and tap the three lines button at the top, then click on Nametag.

There are three options of background for your Nametag: Colour, Emoji or Selfie. All of which you can edit to link with your companies branding. Tap at the top of the screen to navigate through the different background options, once you have a background you like simple tap the ‘x’ to close the window. Be creative with your background option to make sure it links with what your business does. For example, if you are a photographer why not choose one of your photos or the camera emoji?

How To Share Your Nametag

There are plenty of ways you can share your Nametag. You can display your Nametag in your store or office, giving every new visitor to your business a chance to follow you! If you want to use your Instagram Nametag at networking events or business events there are a few ways you can use it. Firstly, you can save your Nametag as the lock screen of your phone so it can easily be scanned by someone you are chatting too.

If you are exhibiting at an events you could put your Nametag on a screen or print them into leaflets to give out. You may even want to think about including your Nametag onto your business card. If you want to create something that people will remember, maybe you want to include your Nametag on a free gift such as a phone case or printed onto a cupcake!

You should also make sure that you have shared your Instagram Nametag on your other social media platforms. You could also incorporate it into your messenger bots to drive more traffic to your Instagram page or add it to your businesses website.

Why You Should Use An Instagram Nametag

You should use an Instagram name tag as it is a fun way to give someone an incentive to follow you and find out more about your brand. It is very easy to find your profile using a Nametag and much faster than typing a name into the search.

However, you should remember that not everyone will know how to use a name tag and therefore you may want to educate users on how to scan it, this could be included on your leaflet or on your social media posts for example.

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