Today we are talking about the best places to build your website, with the pros and cons of each way.

Everyone knows about Wordpress and is the go to for most companies and agencies, now whilst this platform works, it is an old system that has been primarily to host blogs. It does have some great functionality and there isn’t much you can’t do in it through the creative use of plugins, but it does still have quite a few issues.

But what are the other options you can work with without having to have a custom coded website with a team of developers?

Let me show you.

Just a note to start with, there is nothing better than a custom built site by skilled developers and designers, the possibilities for integrations, style and optimisation are endless. However they are overkill for some websites, which is where builders come into play.


Wordpress for me is a very interesting platform as I mentioned there isn’t much you can’t do in it. Want to make a site with memberships - done, want to build an eCommerce site - done, just want a simple blog - done. However it does have it’s downfalls with the usability and design of the platform being quite complex.


Very versatile

Can be a quick setup using templates

Can be updated without coding knowledge

Can be cheap or expensive to run

Great community


Plugins slow the site down a lot

Have to use a template unless you have a developer

Plugins cause security issues

Not very intuitive


A great platform to use if you want a very simple and basic website. You can build a few cool site types such as eCommerce and memberships and it’s really easy to use, but it limits the design quite heavily.


Quick to load

Quick to build

Has some good functionality

Intuitive to use


Limited design possibilities

Alignment can be hard


Everyone has heard of Squarespace, they sponsor every YouTuber ever and have some great marketing. The builder itself is nice and easy to use for simple sites, but doesn’t have much functionality or design possibilities.


Easy to use

Super easy to build

Hard to make a bad design in


Template based

More expensive option that the others


Finally, my favourite builder out there. Webflow is a great system that allows a lot of flexibility in design with super fast loading times, but it is limited to its functionality - having only recently added eCommerce functionality it is behind the others in this list.


Fast loading times

Fully custom or templated design

No code necessary

Easy to use

A lot of design functionality

Great community


Limiting back-end functionality (no memberships, no web notifications)

More expensive hosting

That’s it for this, let me know where you have built your website - and get in touch if you want a free website review!



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