Writing content that is useful and interesting for prospects and clients alike is an essential marketing strategy for the modern brand. There are a huge amount of ways you can create content and in varying styles, some being more data heavy and others being opinion based. But one common problem with all of these types of content:
Getting it read.

This is where having a quality title helps bag those extra readers, rankings and shares. The title is what sells the content, it is how you can entice prospects into reading that fantastic piece that took you hours/days/weeks to write.

So in this blog we are going to try and answer all the questions you have about writing great titles that will boost your contents traffic.

Keep it short

You can’t put a number on the length of a title, but it is generally accepted that shorter is better - providing it still let’s the prospect know what that blog is about (read the next point).

Hubspot has done some research into what they have found works best for them. They found that a title that is 8-14 words works best, with Outbrain backing this up with this fantastic statistic:

Headlines with eight words had a 21% higher clickthrough rate than the average title

All words were not created equal however, so you should stick to 70 characters total. This will make sure it doesn’t get cut off by search engines.

Before: Don’t believe in your brand? Here are the 10 reason why your brand needs a redesign
After: 10 reasons your brand needs an update

Describe what it is

This may sound basic, but it is essential and sets expectations for your readers. There are also little tweaks that you can add to your headline to accurately reflect what the content contains.

Hubspot have found that headlines containing a clarification of what that post is at the end of the title performed 38% better than without. These small additions such as [infographic], [podcast] or [interview] let the reader know what the are getting into.

Add some interest

People only read what might be of interest to them, so adding some sex appeal to your title can draw more readers into your blog. This doesn’t have to end up looking like clickbait, but we have all fallen for it because it appeals to our natural inquisitive nature.

To get a great title you could try using some of these tips and tricks:

Start with a working title

Before you get to hung-up about what your title should be, try writing the body of the blog. Give it a title that represents where you want to go with the blog and once you have finished the body you can give it a title that more accurately represents what that blog is about.

Although your title is going to be rough and ready, it still needs to accurately represent what the blog is about. This is so if anyone else is contributing or writing the blog they still know the direction you want to take it.

So instead of having:
Brand design

You could have:
How a great brand can help your business?
10 inspirational brand designs that can help your brand
A guide to creating the perfect brand

Get help from others

Once you have your blog post written, share it with others in your team and ask them for their title suggestions. This is a great way to get an outside perspective on what the blog is really about, how they would describe it and if they think your title works.

A great way to do this is by using a chat application where you can both post suggestions and go back and forth refining each other's ideas until a decision is made.


Finally, once you have your (almost) perfect title, you need to start thinking about where this post is going to end up and what channels react to what kind of titles. When doing this you are going to need to walk the fine line between optimising for SEO and for social channels.

Overall though, it is always better to optimise for your audience first. If 5000 people find your article but don’t like the title and don’t click through it’s worthless, however if 5 people find it and like your blog it will reach a whole lot more through their social channels.

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