Behance Website Redesign

Behance is a hive of inspiration and creativity, it is our go to website when looking for inspiration in our next project. However, for a website that is all about design and creativity, the UI and design of the website itself is lacking, making it hard to find new and exciting work. As a creative agency, we decided to see what we could do to help make this website better looking and easier to navigate to suit its audience. e, yet we did have to make sure that it was better than the current Behance.

We had two problems to solve with this project, firstly, how can we help users navigate the thousands of projects and find what they are looking for, and secondly, how can we make each individual piece of work stand out from the others. We solved these problems by initially looking at the navigation and how we could make it more user friendly, yet creative. We decided on a sidebar approach so it could stick inside the browser window the whole time you were searching for projects, one of our biggest problems with the current site is that you can scroll through 100's of lines of projects, then want to put a new search query in but you have to scroll all the way back to the top to do so. The sidebar approach solved this problem and looked slick at the same time. We kept only the essential search items in this bar to de-clutter the space, giving more room for the work to shine, it also gave a more focused, yet still flexible, search approach as you have fewer menus to worry about. Once we had sorted the main navigation out, we looked at putting more focus on the work itself, this took the form of full-window projects. When you click into a project, instead of loading a small window, it would push the menu to the side and load in a full window, giving you maximum viewing space to digest the content.

With Behance being the creative site it is, it's audience would all be familiar with the latest trends in design so this gave us a lot of free reign. A lot of user experience problems come around because the design is outdated and cluttered or is very modern and people aren't used to seeing or using websites that look and act like that. Because of the creative audience we were free to explore different ways of navigating without having to worry about users not being able to use the site, yet we did have to make sure that it was better than the current Behance.