Elizabeth Mary Bridal Brand & Website

Elizabeth Mary Bridal is run by fantastic womenswear designer that after working for retail clients for many years has decided to setup her own studio to create fantastic bridal and occasion wear for her clients.

Creating an approachable and elegant style for Elizabeth Mary Bridal was essential in the branding and marketing process. The first step in the process was to get in and talk with Elizabeth about what she envisioned for the brand, where she wanted it to head and what her ideal market was. From this we created a series of mood boards and brand options that we could explore so she can get a brand she is proud to shout about. After completing a photoshoot with her collection of dresses we started working on preparing a website that could show off her beautiful dresses and communicate what her service offering was.

We wanted to get across to each client that Elizabeth Mary Bridal offers a bespoke design and production service, so they are not a shop but will create each dress on an individual level. To do this we created a process page that outlines what each client can expect when visiting, as well as an FAQ page to help each client understand the company in more detail than can be said from a standard about page. We then worked on creating a solid social media marketing strategy that can run alongside the website. This included a mix of posts we have created and posts that Elizabeth can create on the fly, we instructed Elizabeth on how best to structure posts and market them so we could create a consistency of message and quality between us.

"TwoGuys have been incredibly helpful for me whilst setting up my bridal studio. They have created a fantastic brand and website that truly represents me. They were super helpful through the whole process and I was included in every decision." - Elizabeth Mary, Owner