Emily Jane Dance branding and website

The website tells the story of the two offers that Emily offers through a split screen home page that directs you quickly to what you are looking for, ballet or parties. Each side of the website is unique, but shares a similar design, telling the narrative of the light ballet or the night parties that are different in the style of dance but still share the same base.

You only have to meet Emily or follow her on social media to understand her incredible love, eye and motivation with dancing. It was this particular personality and quality that we wanted to imbue into the design of her logo and website. The website had to look slick and sophisticated to show the absolute quality and attention to detail that Emily puts into her work, but it also needed to show the personal side that Emily brings to her studio. This is why you see who Emily is before you see anything about classes, we wanted to push Emily's experience and personality to the forefront of the site as dancing is such a personal experience. The ability to edit and add new media content to the site was incredibly important for Emily. Part of our design and development strategy was to create and use a system that was easy to use without requiring any advanced technical knowledge. We used an easily updateable CMS system so that Emily could add new and exciting content where ever she was. It also needed a basic eCommerce solution to help with booking her classes and gift certificates, this was built into the website to give users easy access to her drop-in classes.

"Not only have two guys provided Emily Jane Dance ltd. With a website and logo that both look slick, professional and in-keeping with my brand; but they have also given first-class customer service and guided someone, like myself, through all the technical issues that i otherwise find impossible to get my head around. They have worked with me to develop my brand, offering professional and relevant advice wherever needed and have truly gone above and beyond to assist with a range of activities such as marketing and advertising. My new website and logo are an asset to my business and i look forward to working with two guys again in the future." - Emily Gloyens