ITV Resource and Development Branding and Training Collateral

The Resource and Development team are an essential part of ITV, but where struggling to have a unified and recognisable voice to communicate to the larger company with. They approached TwoGuys to help brand their team and create training collateral to be in line with the new brand. The team are incredibly focused and motivated in what they do, taking each individuals skills and potential into account for every course they deliver - this would be an essential part of the branding and collateral design for the team.

The team already had a programme running that will be ongoing for quite some time into the future, so we based our logos to fit with what they had, rather than having to re-brand an already existing programme. This resulted in the box style logo to fit the lab theme they had. The collateral was trickier to create as it needed to fit with the ITV brand, but also represent the new Resourcing and Development team brand. Our approach was to draw from the ITV company logo and take inspiration from the swooshes and overlaps in that to create a style guide that could be easily implemented by the team, stand out as content from that team and is also versatile enough to match the content being created. We used a circular and flowing design to show the individuality and fluidity of training at ITV.

As an ongoing partnership formed, we also undertook the design of the next stage of their Leadership Labs programme. This took the form of a large workbook (96pages) and banner to support the event.

"Overall really impressed and very happy with the work and relationship. We look forward to working with TwoGuys in the future and to strengthen our partnership." - Martyn Moutinho, Head Of People Development, ITV