Oishi Healthy Cuisine Branding

Oishi Healthy Cuisine is a street food vendor with a difference. They aim to serve Asian inspired, super healthy food, fast. They were looking for a full brand a website that could represent not only the style of food they offered, but also to represent the healthy side.

Creating a balance between the healthy food offering and Asian inspired food was critical to the success of this brand and company. We decided early on to stray away from the traditional Asian design tropes and focused on creating a fresh brand that balances the styles perfectly. This resulted in us creating a hybrid style, we took the colours and clean, open design from health brands around the world, giving us a natural colour palette of greens, browns and blues. Then we injected images of the food that was created by Oishi alongside a flowing, water type pattern to represent the flow of flavours and cultures mixing together to create this unique brand.

The brand and content were well received and can be seen spreading across multiple touchpoints, such as t-shirts, bags, bottles and social media. This versatile brand can fit into any space thanks to its pattern design that, once applied, can give anything the Oishi styling needed.