We help you develop your brand through winning strategies and beautiful design

We develop unique and highly engaging brands for your business that will help you grow and develop into new markets. Our process helps define your ideal customers, find out where they are, what their goals are and how you can target that for maximum growth.

Benchmark your company

Benchmarking against your competitors helps you see the current landscape, reveals your strengths and weaknesses and allows you to make intelligent decisions on how to grow.

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Competitor benchmark
Marketing for your customers

Find your customers

By examining behaviours, motivations and frustrations of various groups we identify your customer and their needs and turn this into a competitive advantage.

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Establish emotional connections

Building a brand is about expressing a company's personality and values, that in turn will create a connection with your customers and result in increased trust.

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Emotional advertising

Quality branding Agency

Achieving your goals

We use our knowledge, experience and creativity to connect people to brands and organisations.


Positioning is the heart of your brand and details its advantages and benefits to the market. It's how your company is perceived and how it wants to move forward.

User journeys & profiles

We create profiles that represent your target market, then map out how they might interact with your company to help us predict pain points with functionality and user behaviour.

Brand attributes

If positioning is the heart, the attributes are the body of your brand. They identify what the brands personality is, what it looks like, the language it uses, the actions it takes and the assumptions it makes.

user experience
Competitor audit

A competitive audit reviews the current landscape and reveals your strengths and weaknesses, allowing your company to make intelligent decisions on how to grow.

content management
Identity system

We work collaboratively to create the most truthful and compelling image of your brand. Supported by the base strategy we arrive at a comprehensive and versatile identity system.

Naming & messaging

Language defines a brand as much as imagery, so we work with you to develop a messaging platform that amplifies the most authentic voice for your brand.

Brand guidelines

Consistency helps drive the power of a brand forward and retains its integrity. We create a bulletproof branding guideline to ensure anyone can apply your brand correctly.

Marketing collateral

However your customers engage with your brand, we can help amplify your voice by translating our branding work into a myriad of digital and print assets.

Responsive website

We create fully responsive websites to anchor your brand in the digital realm that function seamlessly and consistently across all platforms.

Our branding manifesto

Every project we work on is individual, every brand we make is unique, every process we use is engaging and every result is outstanding.

our Agency approach

Branding that inspires

Why should you choose TwoGuys Creative as your chosen branding agency? We’ve been building our expertise in strategy and branding for years and know what it takes to build creative and engaging brands that create a lasting impression on your customers. Every brand large or small creates an impression on its customers, it might make them healthier, happier, more productive or stylish, but before it can do that, it has to make them believe it can.

We have created a strategic process to consistently develop a successful brand for even the most complex of companies. We start by investigating everything around your company, listening, observing and dissecting the marketplace and your customers. Next we define what your company is and what it stands for, building the base for a strong brand. Then we explore the aesthetics of your brand to define a visual catch for your customers. Finally we activate your brand to give it a powerful and cohesive feel that is used across all consumer touch-points.

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Who we work with

Let's work together

We work with any company that is looking to grow their business through creative branding, marketing and advertising. Our experience and expertise can help companies in any industry to grow their brand.

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