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Not only have Two Guys provided Emily Jane Dance Ltd. with a website and logo that both look slick, professional and in-keeping with my brand; but they have also given first-class customer service and guided someone, like myself, through all the technical issues that I otherwise find impossible to get my head around. They have worked with me to develop my brand, offering professional and relevant advice wherever needed and have truly gone above and beyond to assist with a range of activities such as marketing and advertising. My new website and logo are an asset to my business and I look forward to working with Two Guys again in the future.

- emily gloyens, director, emily jane dance

Overall really impressed and very happy with the work and relationship. We look forward to working with TwoGuys in the future and to strengthen our partnership.

- Martyn Moutinho, Head of People Development, ITV

Every time I see your (TwoGuys) work I just think…. ‘wowzer’. You’re seriously good at what you do! LOVE it. And here’s me thinking I couldn’t be more excited than I was with our other project – but THIS?! Great Job!

- keeley addison, Head of Consulting, t-three

I have to commend you on your efforts and alignment here - I think this is a great balance of meeting compliance and achieving an engaging creative that is clean and premium. Really lovely piece - well done and thank you for being so cooperative and diligent to get right!

Head of Branding, Leading Automotive Manufacturer

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